Plovdiv Medical University

"When I wanted to go to Bulgaria , I didn’t know which agency to choose . Ace Med Abroad is the best agency to choose compared to the other agencies. One essential difference is definitely the lesser price the students have to pay compared to other agencies . Anila was an amazing help when I started to live and discover Plovdiv . She always provided help and made me feel very secure in Plovdiv . Without her help and her agency I don’t know what position I would be in now. Anila is a legend!"

Murtasar Ali Sajid

Plovdiv Medical University

“Dr Varkey and her team are incredible at what they do, from the minute me and my family got off the flight to taking keys to my first apartment they were with us all the way. AMA were incredibly friendly and supportive throughout the whole journey/process of studying abroad.”

Rinshy Kurian

Plovdiv Medical University

"Studying abroad in Plovdiv, Bulgaria has been an eye opening experience for me as it has enabled me to be more confident and adaptable as you get to learn a new language, culture and be more independent. Anila has helped with the transition as she was always ready to help and I know that I did not have to hesitate to contact her. I would recommend Ace Med Abroad as I know that Anila is a graduate herself and understands the challenges that come along with studying abroad and hence this agency will be perfect in guiding you in that journey to make this transition swift and easy by providing you with all the help required. So I would definitely recommend this agency for anyone planning to study abroad in Bulgaria!"

Anzitta Varghese

Plovdiv Medical University

"Starting university can be a daunting experience for any student. Coming to Plovdiv, Bulgaria was an exciting but overwhelming experience for me, as I was miles away from home and I had to quickly adjust to a new culture and surroundings. Having Anila there eased my worries because she was always ready to help. I knew I could contact her anytime, and ask her any queries as she is also a graduate that understands the challenges that come along with studying abroad."

Sheeza Bari

Sofia Medical University

“Excellent Services! Highly recommended for those who are interested in studying dentistry + med abroad! Anila is helpful, kind and thorough with everything.”

Sarah Mathew

Sofia Medical University

“If you are looking for a professional agency which can help you start your studies without any stress in Bulgaria, this agency is your best choice!The team is extremely kind and supportive and happy to help you with everything you need.”

Ezekiel Adam

University Of Bedfordshire

"I highly recommend AceMedAbroad for their amazing professionalism and support throughout my application process, calling me and updating me regularly on the activities you were undertaking. Really appreciate it."

Andrea Mocana

University of East London

"A fantastic organisation! Great customer support from beginning to end of the process. The team are really informed and go the extra mile at every stage. I would recommend them unreservedly."

Pirishant Pusparajah

Plovdiv Medical University

"My experience studying abroad was excellent, the help I had from my peers and friend Anila was great. I was looked after very well on arrival and was well organized. I’m happy to say that I can recommend this service."

Noor Bari

Plovdiv Medical University

"Acemedabroad helped me with finding the right apartment, getting a phone contract, making a bank account and Bulgarian ID. They also showed me and my family around Plovdiv and showed me the halal butchers. I highly recommend Acemedabroad if you are looking to study in the EU. Thank you Dr Varkey and team."

Fatima Ahmed

Coventry University

"After doing research me and my brother decided to go with AcemedAbroad. We couldn't have picked a better  agency!! They made us feel comfortable throughout our process and after helped me and my siblings find an apartment."

Kinza Umar

Sofia Medical University

"Excellent Services! Highly recommended for those who are interested in studying dentistry + med abroad! Helpful, kind and thorough people"

Keziah Joshua

Portsmouth University

"Great team who work hard for their clients. Would always recommend it!"

Roshan Royes

Anglia Ruskin University

"Great staff, proactive in communication at all times and always followed through with promises. Wouldn't hesitate to recommend it!"

Ronald Roshan

Plovdiv Medical University

“For anybody planning on studying medicine or dentistry abroad, You should ‘Go for it' no matter what it takes. Get your foot through that door and get that acceptance letter. Once you've got that acceptance letter, it's another whole world out there for you.”